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Testing Gimp by Tged-Writing
Testing Gimp
Well, it's far from perfect...very far. But this is really the first time I've done something like this
A new secretary TG chapter V

When the next morning arrived and I woke up to the shrill beeping of my phone's alarm, it didn't take long for me to remember my current situation. Yes, it was all still as foreign as it was yesterday. The only real difference being that I was a lot less shocked by it now. The smoke smell, the nerve wrecking itches and strange bed and of course, my new, gorgeous, female body. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and checked my phone first. No messages or anything, which was unsurprising as the only contact I had in my list was 'Mr Johnson'. “That little piece of shit. He better turn me back fast or I'll think of some way to turn his life a lot worse!” But for now it seemed like I was stuck with this new body and it's urges and one of those was to smoke. Grudgingly I grabbed the pack on my nightstand, pulled out a stick and lit it. Even though I'd rather not smoke at all, I could not deny that it was just what I needed in this situation and it even gave me time to observe my current situation a bit. Right now I was only wearing black panties and a plain, white t-shirt. A quick glance underneath confirmed that I was indeed still not wearing a bra. My new body still managed to strike me with awe, to be fair I was only in it for roughly 2 days, but still, when I had the time and calm to actually take a better look, the beauty was surprising. I was really petite and my body was toned, very fit actually. My guess was that I was a pretty sporty girl who regularly visited the gym, but so far I had found nothing that would actually support that theory. Still, for my small build and tiny height I had big boobs. If there had been atleast one bra in this flat I would have probably been able to determine my exact size easily but since that was not the case, I had to rely on my own estimate “75C” I said approvingly as I weighted the two mounds of flesh with my hands. My legs seemed like match sticks and I wondered how they could ever support my weight, even if it was greatly reduced at this point.
It took me maybe three minutes to be done with the smoke and then got out of bed to make myself ready for the upcoming work day. “First of all: showering” I thought and headed for the bathroom. Once again I saw how cheap this apartment was. The walls were kinda dirty, the carpet was old and seemed to be moldy in some spots and it was incredibly tight, barely enough to let even my tiny frame through. The flat had 3 rooms and the hallway with the only door. There was a kitchen, with a sink and a microwave, a living room with an old couch and a TV as well as the bathroom, which I had already used yesterday. Undressing my body was another sensual experience which I would have to get used too, since a girl couldn't always get horny when seeing her own naked body. The actual shower was an even bigger test for me and only with utmost focus on the most unarousing thing I could think of, in this case my male self, was I able to keep my hands off me and finish cleaning myself. But the hardships did not end here, since I was still naked, my hair was a mess and I even thought about using make-up today. I had no clue about make-up since I had been a girl for less than half a week at this point and settled on something easier to start, so I decided to get dressed.
I opened the big dresser in my bedroom and was greeted with the same assortment of mini skirts, hot pants and tight tube or crop tops as before, so my choices were rather limited. Nonetheless, I tried to pick something which I liked and without noticing, I picked my clothes based on what others – for example my boss – would enjoy. In the end I went with a short white tank top with cherries on it and equally short tight jeans similar to the ones from yesterday, only in blue. When I was all done and showing off my pushed cleavage and ridiculously long legs once more it was time to do something about my face. Despite the look of poverty that my apartment had, I was lucky enough to have a generous stockpile of all kinds of cosmetics. “Fitting my apparently bimbo like personality...” I noticed. I looked over the endless variations of colors, pencils and brushes. It looked more like a painters workplace than a girls bathroom “Well, it's like painting your a way” I thought. To my surprise, applying the make-up was easier than I thought. Somehow my hands just knew where to put what, how thick or which color to put on. Seeing my hands practically work on their own I tried thinking of the style I wanted to go for “Something subtle” I thought “Not too slutty but definitely visible” And indeed my hands went to work for a good five minutes, then it was finished. My face now looked exactly like I wanted it to and my thin features were perfectly accentuated by the layer of the make-up on my face. “Now that this is done, what about my hair?” I thought and turned around to check on my long, auburn hair. “Hmm, I'm thinking pony tail today” And just the thought was enough to trigger the movement of my hands, expertly tying my hair up in a cute pony tail. It was really just that simple “Amazing, really helps with my looks”

A quick glance at my phone made me hurry up a bit, as I only had ten minutes or so left before I had to leave unless I wanted to be late. Since 'Mr Johnson' was my employer and only contact in this foreign identity, I didn't want to anger him in any way. “Maybe I should grab something to eat before leaving...” I thought and went to the kitchen. But upon opening the fridge I was greeted with a wide array of smoothies and basically no 'real' food. I also realised that I was not hungry at all and was instead craving a...cigarette. “I hate my 'buddy' so much” I said with a sigh as I pulled out my pack and lit one up “What a real douche bag” I put on sandals with a 3 inch heel, grabbed my purse and left the flat and house. This time, I didn't put on the silly lab coat.

My walk over to 'Mr Johnsons' house was rather uneventful. I felt the warm sun on my mostly exposed upper body and heard the clicking of my heels echo from the houses around me. Occasionally when I passed someone, especially a male someone, I could feel their eyes following my swaying hips. That was another thing I did on my own now, although I think the heels helped.

When I finally got to his house, and that was just barely in time, I had yet another tobacco stick dangling from my lips. DING DONG The bell rang and my former buddy and current boss opened the door, already dressed and ready to go. “Almost too late” He then took a good look at me and said “But that is because you spent some more time on your looks, huh?” I tried to force a smile and nod in agreement “I like what you did with your hair, definitely suits you” He continued “But come on now” He surprised me by grabbing my hand and practically leading me over to his car, but since I he had already looked over my almost too late arrival, I didn't say anything and let him proceed. When we reached his car he turned to me, snatched the cigarette out of my mouth before taking a drag himself and stomping it on the ground “I'm not letting your nasty habits ruin car, Dumbo” I meekly nodded, only slightly angry at him for destroying my stuff.

In the car I did the same as yesterday. I put on my fake glasses, re-applied my make-up where I needed to and combed my pony tail to make it look even prettier. I seemed to be even more of a bimbo and submissive around him, true to my name: Dumbo. But strangely I didn't seem to care much. It was as if most of my worries were just gone and replaced by a desire to look pretty and be sexy...that scared me, but not as much as it should.

The actual workday went by like the last one. I handled phone calls, arrangements and visitations. I had the occasional smoke break and teased some of the boys coming into the clinic. It was actually quite fun to see their faces turn red and sometimes even a bulge form in their jeans. As a man I never had that effect on anyone and it was certainly...interesting. But apart from these interruptions the work was rather dull, typical secretary work and I was more than glad when it was finally over.

Mr Johnson did surprise me at the end of my day. I was waiting for him and smoking in front of the clinic, because he had to do one last call before driving me home. When he came out he had a different idea though “Why don't you come over to my place, Dumbo?” I hesitated. What would I want to do at his place? I had no idea how this body would react to alcohol or if my, apparently taking over (if slowly) personality even had the same interests as him anymore. “W-why?” I asked meekly. He smiled, which somehow seemed to relax me “Don't worry your little head, Dumbo. I just want to have a friendly chat, alright? You wouldn't want to make your boss sad, now would you?” I could of course hardly disagree and nodded, seconds later I was in his car again.

His mansion seemed even bigger in my new tiny body than before. I mean, he had this house for years now. Right at the beach, several bedrooms, pools, an enormous garden and generous patio area. It was my dream house, but being the unemployed slacker, I had no hope of ever making it up that far. Once we entered, he had me put my cigarette at the doorstep and then told me “Take off those glasses, silly. I know that you're not smart” I couldn't argue with that logic and put them into my purse. “Now why don't you go into the living room, kick off those uncomfortable heels and sit down on the couch. I'll be right with you” I minced over to the couch, taking baby steps and swaying my hips without even thinking about it along the way. The living room was so spacious, just here my flat would fit several times already. And this was just one room of the house. You could even see the ocean from here, it was incredible.

After a few minutes of looking around the room from my spot on the couch, Mr Johnson returned and sat down next to me “Well, Dumbo. I'll cut the shit” I looked at him in surprise, this did not seem like the start to a friendly chat “I want you to move in with me here” The look on my face must have really fit my dumb self.
A New Secretary Chapter V
So this is a story I am purely writing for my own enjoyment. But maybe some of you do too :) (Smile)
Hey everyone!

I'm open for any and all requests! You need to only send me a picture you want me to use and a general idea for the story and I'll write as soon as possible.

I don't have any limit on how many requests I'll take so just send me a note with all the details :)


Heya, thought I'd edit this part of my profile after all these years at least once.

Well, I'm Josh from Germany and I write TG stories. Most of them in English and some in German. Hope you enjoy and feedback is always welcome!

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