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No. 4

„ I already told you to come down 4 times! Don't you think you should do what I say?", Mikes mother yelled. He sighed, his mother always wanted something and he was annoyed, so he just answered „Yea, someday I'll come down!" His mother cussed and went away. "Ha! Finally she stopped yelling!" He opened the door, just to make sure that she doesn't disturb him right when he went back to fun things, but when he opened the door, the corridor was empty "Yes!", he said and went back to his TV. "Maybe she'll let me relax now...", he thought and zapped through the channels. He stopped when he reached a shopping channel, although it was mainly for girls, it somehow got his attention "A bag,huh?Well, I guess it would look -"He stopped "What's up with my voice?And what was I thinking about, did I really think that bag would look good on me?Man, my voice...sounds like a girls voice...and WHAT IS THIS?!" His hair turned black and grew longer, until it reached his shoulders "Did my hair really grow so fast?And it changed colors!" He grabbed  and looked at it, when suddenly his body hair vanished and his body began to reshape itself "What now?", he asked and watched the changes. He became thinner and his skin became much softer, his butt and breasts grew, while his legs grew longer and his torso shorter, making him smaller. When the changes were done, he was no longer a boy but a beautiful girl. "Wow...creepy...", she said, while her clothes changed into a colorful panty and a tight green top. Her mom was yelling downstairs and so she got up and left her new room with a new life, she Mikaela now.
The 4th TG!

This time it's just with a random picture, and guess what...this time I got the link to the site where I found it

SSJ3GOKU9000 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol thats funny!
Tged-Writing Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
Well, thanks I guees :D
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